Lithium battery cluster energy storage system

Lithium battery cluster energy storage system

The product adopts modular design, higher integration, saves installation space; adopts high-performance lithium iron phosphate positive electrode material, the battery cell has good consistency, and the designed service life is more than 10 years; one-key switch machine, front operation, front wiring, easy installation Convenient maintenance and operation; various functions,over-temperature alarm protection, over-charge and over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection; strong compatibility,seamless connection with UPS, photovoltaic power generation and other main equipment; various forms of communication interfaces. CAN/RS485, etc. can be customized according to customer needs, which is convenient for remote monitoring and flexible use of the system. High-energy, low-power lithium-ion battery equipment achieves higher energy supply, lower energy consumption, and reduces environmental pollution; all-round, multi-level battery protection strategies and fault isolation measures are adopted to ensure the safe operation of the system.




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