Compact Household Stacked Lithium Battery System

Compact Household Stacked Lithium Battery System

Product introduction:

The product is mainly composed of high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery and smart energy storage inverter. When the sunlight is sufficient during the day, the excess power generation of the rooftop potovoltaic system is stored in the energy storage system, and the energy of the energy storage system is released at night to supply power for houshold loads, so as to achieve self-sufficiency in household energy management and greatly improve the economical performance of the new energy system. At the same time, in the event of sudden power outage/power failure of the power grid, the energy storage system can take over the electricity demand of the whole house in time. The capacity of a single battery is 5.32kWh, and the total capacity of the largest battery stack is 26.6kWh, providing a stable power supply for the family



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