How to choose the solar battery?

There are too many batteries for solar system,which kind of batteries would be the best solution for you?

In the market you can find the following batteries:

1)Lead-acid battery

2)Gel battery

3)Lead carbon battery

4)LifePO4 battery 

The advantages for different batteries are different,if you want to have cheap cost, Lead-acid battery and Gel battery will be the first option,if you want to have long life time,Lead carbon battery is the solution and If you want to have easy installation,less space of the installation,long life time and high rate for depth of discharge,LifePO4 battery will be the best choice.

Most of the people understand the life time of the battery is very important,but how to keep the long life time of the battery? There are some points we will share as follow:

1)Installation area, the installation area of the battery should be ventilated, when you are using the battery,the battery will release the gas(sulfuric acid mist,hydrogen and oxygen), if you keep the batteries in the sealed area,it is high risk that the batteries will burned,so ventilated area is very important for the battery.

2)Temperature, the battery has the working temperature,you need to keep the battery in a area with suitable temperature.

3)Depth of the discharge,this is very important when you are using the battery,normally it is only 30%-50% depth of the discharge for all the batteries(like Lead-acid,Gel,Lead carbon battery),that's mean if you are using these batteries,you need to order more batteries for your loads(for example,your load's need 10kWh,the battery's capacity you need for the system should be at least 20kWh if we consider 50% depth of discharge).

LifePO4 battery,the depth of discharge is more than 80%,this is why we are using this battery for our solar system.(Long life time with high rate depth of discharge). There is BMS inside of our system,what is BMS?

BMS:Battery management system (BMS) is any electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery (cell or battery pack), such as by monitoring its state, calculating secondary data, reporting that data, protecting the battery, controlling its environment, and / or balancing it.

With BMS,it can extand the life time of our LifePO4 battery.


The price of LifePO4 battery is still higher than other batteries, we believe one day it will be cheap as normally batteries.

Now we are using LifePO4 battery on our 1KVA-5KVA system with BMS,if you are interest in our solar system,you can contact us.

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