How to choose the off grid solar system?

More and more solar off grid system will be used in different areas,but how to choose the correct solar system is very important? You may tell me that the supplier already helped us to choose the correct solar system and there is no need to worry about it anymore,is that true?

One solar off grid system includes the following parts:

1)Solar panel

2)Off grid inverter



5)Solar mounting bracket

6)Cable and connector


The main parts of this system are solar panel, off grid inverter,controller and battery.

When we design one solar system,we should check the loads'information and see how many solar batteries should we use on this system,then we will choose the battery,solar panel,inverter and controller. But do you know that if you do not understand how to use the system well,your loads may damage the system? 

Why should we need to check the loads'information first before desiging all the solar system? It is very important for the system.There are two kind of main loads in our life:inductive load and resistive load. If you have the motor, air conditioner,there are inductiv loads,these loads may damage the system if you do not know the reason. If you need the solar off grid syste to run these loads,we need to enlarge the capacity of the inverter, becasue the instantaneous power from these loads are very high,if your motor is 2KW,but you only use 3KW inverter for this system,then your inverter will be damaged by your motor.

So all caculation for one solar off grid system should be more careful,this is what we are doing now for our customers.-We are professional.

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