Wall type lithium iron solar storage battery

Wall type lithium iron solar storage battery

The wall type lithium iron solar storage battery adopts modular design, higher integration, and saves installation space; adopts high performance lithium iron phosphate cathode material, good battery core consistency, and designed service life of more than 10 years; one key switch machine, front operation, front wiring, convenient installation Convenient maintenance and operation; diverse functions, over temperature alarm protection, over charge and over discharge protection, short circuit protection; strong compatibility, can be seamlessly connected with UPS, photovoltaic power generation and other main equipment; various forms of communication interfaces, CAN/RS485, etc. can be based on Customized according to customer needs to facilitate the flexible use of system remote monitoring. High energy, low power lithium battery equipment achieves higher energy supply, lower energy consumption, and reduces environmental pollution; adopts all round, multi level battery protection strategies and fault isolation measures to ensure the safe operation of the system.


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