Solar Agricultural Irrigation system

Solar Agricultural Irrigation Solution

In agricultural production, the use of traditional energy has exposed many problems,such as difficult power grid coverage, uneconomical use of diesel power generation, unguaranteed oil procurement, and even less energy conservation and environmental protection.

Combined with the development of the solar industry and the actual needs of agricultural irrigation, the use of solar for sprinkling irrigation equipment to completely or partially replace the original cost of high pollution and low efficiency power system will have a great market value and social significance.

Sprinkling irrigation use mature solar power generation, replacing the original power system with high pollution and low efficiency,making irrigation easier.



Solar agricultural irrigation type

1.Solar sprinkling irrigation soluton  

2.Solar drip irrigation soluton  

3.Solar automatic irrigation system





The features of solar agricultural irrigation:

  1. The solar sprinkling or drip irrigation power supply system is specially designed for the power supply of the sprinkling or drip irrigation equipment with high product integration and advanced technology.

  2. The power supply of the system adopts solar direct drive technology, which  not need the big  scale of energy storage part and greatly reduces the system cost.

  3. It with Built-in MPPT technology to maximize the use of solar.

  4. It is with Wide MPPT range, flexible PV input.

  5.  The combination of hardware and software can realize the constant pressure control of sprinkler or drip pipe  and get the consont flow.

  6. Pvsys solar  irrigation power supply system can monitor the water pressure, flow ,date of solar of the system in real time by APP.

  7. Support grid and Diesel generator hybrid supply, solar priority be used, energy saving, achieve 24 hours of uninterrupted system work.




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