Efficient On-Grid & Off-Grid Switch Cabinet Solutions

PSWD on-grid and off grid switch cabinet

Product introduction:

The PSWD on-grid and off-grid switch cabinet system consists of AC power distribution cabinet, photovoltaic inverter (optional), local load and energy storage converter to form a set of AC micro-grid system. The microgrid switching cabinet can work in different modes as required.

The PSWD on-grid and off-grid switching cabinet plays a central role in the whole system, with the characteristics of energy dispatch management, fast on-grid and off-grid switching and convenient maintenance. At the same time, it has perfect protection functions, such as over temperature, AC over and under voltage, AC reverse sequence, emergency shutdown, fan failure, output overload,etc., to meet the requirements of off-grid operation. The micro-grid switching cabinet includes on road power grid input.



For details,please download the PDF specification

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