Efficient Single-Phase Power Frequency Inverter

PSA Single-phase power frequency inverter(built in controller)

Product introduction:

The photovoltaic control and inverter integrated is a new type of photovoltaic power generation device that organically combines a photovoltaic charge controller and an inverter.

It consists of a charge controller, an inverter and a protection circuit, and the output is a pure sine wave voltage. It has the advantages of small total installation space, few connection lines, safety and reliability.

Photovoltaic charge controller is a high-performance step-down device that uses MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) algorithm to make full use of solar photovoltaic energy. The PV input voltage range is wide, which can charge a variety of batteries,and the three-stage charging effectively improves the life of the battery.


PSA(single phase inveter with controller).jpg

For details,please download the PDF specification

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