solar water pump system
solar water pump system
  • solar water pump system
  • solar water pump system

AC solar water pump system solution

This solar water pump system which designed excellently by Pvsys is composed of solar cell array, soalr water pump inverter, AC water pump, water storage device and AC powerpack,etc. It uses solar energy as power source to directly draw water from deep wells, rivers, rivers, lakes and other water sources through water pumps.When the sunlight intensity becomes weak, the solar water pump system can also realize the switching function of the electricity supply like Utility or diesel generators, and the electricity supply can real-time and online sharing the energy from the solar and Utility or diesel generators.


Pvsys Solar water pump system is mainly used in the fields of daily life water, agricultural and forestry irrigation, desert management, livestock water, village and town water supply, sewage treatment engineering and fountain landscape.


System features:

1.With high MPPT efficiency and wide range input solar voltage;

2.Unattended operation,automatic and watch to start with one button;

3.More than 20 system protection features, and start self detection,soft start and soft stop,built-in lightning protection,Significantly extend system life and Low operation and maintenance cost;

4.Built-in data recording module, save system faults and historical operation information,easy maintenance and low cost;

5.IP65 protection class, NO protective shell;up to 60 degrees Celsius rated operating ,Adapt to high temperature and humidity environment;

6.A wide range of solar power variations adapted to dark weather;

7.Online hybrid with solar and utility,work for 24 hours;

8.RS485/GPRS remote controll by APP,easy to monitoring operating data and control the system ON or OFF remotely.








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