Solar Pump System


2.2KW Solar pump system in New Zealand

Solar panel: 300*12PCS* 1 String

Pump: Vertical pump 2.2kw;

Head: 90m

Solar pump inverter: 2.2KW

Application: this is pumping from creek up to over 90m with 2.2kw pump.

3KW solar water pump system in Australia

Inverter: 3KW

Pump: Submersible borehole water pump (2.2kW 6m3/hr 380VAC 3phase)

Solar Panels:  330W x 16

Bore: 33m deep, standing water 12m (ground to water level)

Location: Coborra Station, Coborra NSW

Pipe Diameter/length/Material: 50mm/1500m/ PE

37KW solar water pump system in Mexcio

Solar Pump Inverter: 37KW

Pump:37KW 440Vac 60HZ

PV Array:  330W*16PCS*10 strings.

Application: Plant Irrigation/Multi-step Water Supply

Location: Tuxpan, Iguala, Guerrero Mexico

11KW solar water pump system in Australia

Address :Queensland, Australia

Pump :SJ42-5 Model 7.5kW three phase 380Vac

Motor: NFS4-10(T) 8.3kW

Inverter :11KW

Panels :15pcs 300w 3 strings

The pump water delivery pressure at the surface 380 kpa, or 56psi.

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