S4000 Ultra-high speed Stringer

S4000 Ultra-high speed Stringer



1. Design the action process of ribbon and cell placing with the concept of full cell soldering, "treat the pieces as a whole piece for soldering", to achieve super high speed.

2. Each soldering channel is dual-channel , which reduces the preparation time for ribbon placing and modules preparing

3. The soldering process operates seprately at the same time, which improves the speed and guarantees the soldering quality.

4. The top press tool and bottom module clamp the cell and ribbon, and the soldering process is stable, accurate and reliable.

5. Strong compatibility (cell size: 156-220mm, cutting range: 1/2-1/6, bsusbar range: 5BB-15BB)

6. Equipped with a docking AGV trolley interface, which can automatically load materials.

7.Online or offline non-destructive cutting, Improved mechanical load strength.

8. Standard AI string EL detection.

9. With small gap or gapless soldering function



Production capacity

3600 full piece equivalently/hour* cutting piece amount (1/2~1/3 piece)

Soldering method

Infrared welding

Flux coating method

ribbon soaking

Slicing method

Non-destructive cutting

Cell size


Number of busbars


Cell thickness


Cell spacing


Maximumstring length


Ribbon specifications

Flat and round (others can be customized)

Slicing method

online slicing, 1/2~1/3 cell (1/4~1/6 cell need to be customized)

Floor space

L 9185*W2986*H 2997 (mm)

Power supply

Three-phase five-wire 380/220V 50/60Hz


average about 45KW/peak 75KW

Air source

 pressure 0.5-0.8MPa   flow 2.0m³/min

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