Submersible dc solar water pump

3PSP3.5 Submersible pump

Application innovation

3 inches oil filled permanent magnet brushless submersible motors and pumps, equipped with the industry control system, It’s function include the over voltage, over current, lack of, under voltage, liquid level, MPPT maximum power point tracking, automatic protection, adopt the suspension centrifugal plastic impeller, the advantages of low cost, easy installation and maintenance.

The basic characteristics 

1.Rewind stator coil.

2.Pump inside is food machinery oil, it’s safety and    environmental protection, lubrication effect is very good for bearing and mechanical seal.

3.Curve tolerance according to ISO 9906.

Environmental factors

1.Applicable to water temperature is below 35 ℃;

2.The maximum sediment concentration is 0.25%;

3.Maximum depth is 100 m;

4.For 3 inch well or more big than it.




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