3kw solar home power system

3KW Solar hybrid system with LifePO4 battery

3kw solar home power system can be used for home and island.

Maximum loads peak power: 3kw; System Voltage: 230Vac.

Daily Power consumption: 8KWH-12KWH.

Loads Information: 500W lighting, 2pcs 100W fans, 1pc 500W hair dryer, 1pc 500W cooker, 1pc 120W TV, 1pc 300W refrigerator, 1 pc 200W computer.



The system is composed of solar panels, Solar Off-grid Inverter, MPPT charge controller and battery pack.

Solar off-grid inverter is the core device of solar power system, it converts DC power produced by solar panels to AC power to provide electric energy for appliances. MPPT charge controller

charges the solar electricity into batteries. When solar energy is not enough for the loads, or at night, the battery pack will discharge to replenish energy for loads.


System components:

       1.PV Module

       2.Diesel Generators or Grid(selectable)

       3.Solar Bracket

       4.MPPT Charge Controller

       5.Solar Off-grid Inverter

       6.Battery Pack

       7.Distribution System


System Features:

- Multiple operation mode, meet all kinds of application requirements

- Advanced battery management system, support Lead-acid ; Lithium Battery

- Integrated EMS, save on electric bill, reduce the dependence on utility grid

- On grid/off grid auto switchover, adapt to complex power grid environment

- LCD display, multiple communication interface, wireless monitoring system

- High conversion efficiency, low noise, safety and reliable

- Dual MPPT input,with wide voltage range, suitable for different roof needs

- Multiple protection, leakage proection, short circuit protection, overload protection,etc.


-Overload and short circuit protection

-Auto restart while AC is recovering

-Compatible to mains voltage or generator power


-Perfect pure sine wave output

-Selectable charging current

-Configurable AC/ DC input priority via LCD setting


-Built-in pure copper transformer

-Silicon-controlled rectifier(SCR) be adopted in AC by-pass

-Provide power supply to load for 24 hours


-Advanced battery management system (BMS)

-Support sealed battery and lithium battery

-Special AC output design, adopt emergency ; heavy loads separate control





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