Laminator machine

2438-S2-A Laminator machine



Main models of SC laminators:single-chamber laminator,double-chamber laminator,three-chamber laminator,double-layer laminator, double-layer & double-chamber laminator,double-layer & three-chamber laminator and other customized models. 

valid laminating area:2200-2800mm width, 2200-6000mm length. Other dimensions are also available according to customer's request.

double chamber/
double chamber with double layer
 2438-S2-A/2438-D2-A 2448-S2-A/2448-D2-A 2458-S2-A/2458-D2-A
Laminating area(mm)           2400*3800            2400*48002400*5800
Speed (min) 888
Capacity(MW)single layer55/double layer110single layer70/double layer140         single layer85/double layer170
Double chamber/
Double chamber with double layer 
72c/6pieces/12pieces72c/8pieces/16pieces       72c/10pieces/20pieces     
Dimension of 72 cells 2000*992
Dimension of 60 cells 1680*992
60c/8pieces/16pieces       60c/10pieces/20pieces     60c/12pieces/24pieces     
Good products rate              >99.99 >99.99 >99.99
vacuum degree(Mbar)          <0.8 <0.8 <0.8
Working temperature(°C)          RT-180RT-180RT-180
Temperature Uniformity(°C)         ±1.5±1.5±1.5
Temperature Accuracy(°C)        ±1±1±1
Heating Method                   oil heatingoil heatingoil heating
Compressed air    0.6-0.80.6-0.80.6-0.8
rated power(KW)             146/290                167/330             185/365
Working power(KW)           66/125                66/135                    75/148
Weight(T)           25/49                  29/57                   35/70
Dimension(mm)      17820x3270x1830       21890x3270x1830         26000x3270x1830
Dimension(mm)      18600x3410x2950 22550x3410x2950   26770x3270x1830

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